September 3, 2021
Interior Design
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Interior design

The effect of surprise when entering this property is guaranteed, two large windows connect the living room to a large and bright patio that consists of two areas, a living area with two garden sofas and a dining area with vintage wrought iron furniture, all surrounded by plants. All surrounded by plants, the luxury of an intimate garden in the heart of the capital!

The interior design project focused on the connection between the exterior and the interior: a long path of boulder stones links all the spaces in the house, connecting the bedroom, kitchen, living room and patio. The prospective effect is powerful and gives the whole flat a very contemporary design feel.

The play of perspectives is the key to the reading of the project since, apart from the stone path on the floor, other aspects have been worked on so that the space is perceived as unique and open. The kitchen is integrated into the living room, and the bedroom can be opened up to the living room through a mirrored door that disappears into the wall. In this way, even when the spaces are closed, the perspective remains open.

Colour is the most obvious visual link, the old brick walls have been left exposed and painted in an elegant and striking colour, a bluish grey that strongly marks the character of the space. For this reason, the rest of the decoration features a neutral colour palette, which plays delicately with beige and stone tones.

Design, comfort and location blend in equal proportions in this property, 'hidden' in a beautiful building in our capital's most sought-after neighbourhood.

Ivory Homes, the art of homing!

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